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Internet of Things

We all have heard that the Internet of Things is changing the world. But there are too many 'gee whiz' articles and blog posts out there that don't provide meaningful practical knowledge and insights about the phenomenon. In our research, we strive to bring structure, clarity of understanding, and illuminating real-world examples to help solution providers and users alike figure out what this phenomenon really means for them and how they need to respond.

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IoT Fundamentals, Architecture

  • What Is This Thing Called the 'Internet of Things'? -- Just who can solve its mystery...? Though many people may be getting tired of hearing the phrase 'Internet of Things,' it doesn't mean that they really understand the phenomena. Here we shed some light on the marketing, technology, and application phenomena that comprise IoT.

  • OMG, IoT is a $19 Trillion Market! ... Really? Understanding IoT Market Size -- Over-the-top headlines and estimates of the size of the IoT market create more confusion and skepticism about hype than a real understanding of how big the market really is. Here we provide a framework for understanding IoT market size..

  • Distributed Intelligence in the IoT -- The Internet of Things has intelligence distributed throughout many integrated layers. Algorithms and analytics are needed to make sense of the raw data. Often this intelligence needs to reside on the edge of the network close to the source of the data--near the 'things' comprising the IoT.

  • Spectrum of IoT Platforms Building IoT-enabled Products -- IoT development platforms and applications span the spectrum from toolkits to domain-specific environments to fully turnkey applications. Here we look at that spectrum and drill down on one example to illustrate: ThingWorx Converge, aimed at manufacturers building IoT-enabled products.

  • IoT Distributed Intelligence Examples -- To help visualize the distributed architecture of the Internet of Things (IoT), we explore specific concrete examples of what distributed intelligence looks like in the smart factory, smart building, precision agriculture, and smart mine.
  • IoT Impact Series: (Parts 1-3)

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IoT Applications, Case Studies, Industry Examples

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IoT Industry Happenings (Acquisitions, Events, Trade Shows, Trends)

  • The Intelligent Integrated Store: MIT Panel Discussion -- lululemon, DSW, b8ta, and Zebra technologies presented on a panel at MIT about the intelligent integrated storetheir visions and current progress towards integrating the various functions, sensors, and systems in a retail store. The goal is to achieve a higher order of intelligence and detailed, granular, near real-time visibility into what is happening with each shopper, each associate, and each item in each store.

  • 2016 -- ThingX, PTC's Next Big Thing -- When PTC acquired Vuforia (augmented reality tools provider) last October, it seemed like a natural incremental next step in PTC's strategy. After attending ThingEvent on January 28th, I now think what they are doing with this technology may be one of Jim Heppelmann's and PTC's boldest moves yet.

  • 2016 -- A Year of Change -- Supply chain and technology hot spots for 2016.

  • IoT Gets Real in 2016 -- 2015 may have been the peak of hype for the Internet of Things, but hype drives investment. We expect that 2016 will see even bigger and broader investments in IoT, as well as a land grab amongst IoT solution providers.

  • PTC Live 2015: Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds -- At their annual conference, PTC showed how it is making big strides to their ultimate vision of smart connected products and the end-to-end product lifecycle systems that make that vision possible.

  • IoT Takes to the Road--How IoT Is Changing Transportation -- Highlights from the MIT/ChainLink panel discussion on IoT in Transportation, including applications of IoT in transportation and logistics, data ownership, privacy and liability, the impact of driverless vehicles, and more.

  • 2014, the Year of the Internet-of-Things -- 2014 was a year of over-the-top marketing and hype for IoT. But there were also many significant, substantive milestones and indicators of just how serious many companies are about IoT.

  • PTC Jump-starting the Internet of Things -- The evolution of PTC has been fascinating-- from CAD to PLM, ALM, SLM, and now the Internet-of-Things. IoT is core to PTC's strategy going forward, and was emphasized repeatedly throughout PTC Live this year.

  • Highlights From MIT's Auto-ID & Sensing Expo -- This year's Fifth Annual Auto-ID & Sensing Solutions Expo at MIT provided one more confirmation that RFID is thriving, with a more diverse set of devices, systems, and applications than ever. Here's a sampling of some really interesting up and comers at the event.

  • Many Lights Turning Green for Investors in RFID -- This article explores how RFID has matured in the last several years, and examines the fundamentals that make it a potentially high-growth opportunity. Most investors would be surprised at the changes since the Walmart era, and those who know the status may find profit opportunities.

  • Highlights from AIM and RAIN -- Leaders from the auto-ID and RFID community met in Washington D.C. last week, including holding the first meeting of the RAIN Alliance for UHF RFID (whose founders include Google and Intel). The Internet-of-Things was a key topic, but they also discussed a new color barcode standard, and more.

  • PTC Continues to Strive for World Domination of the IoT with Axeda Acquisition -- ThingWorx acquisition and Axeda by PTC. Recent acquisition of Quintiq by Dassault.

  • How Will Business Look in the Future? -- From crowdfunding to 3D printing to insourcing, innovation is changing the face of business.

  • RFID Live -- The RFID Journal Live! Conference demonstrated the health and maturity of the RFID market and its relevancy to so many sectors.

  • Really Smart Clouds at MIT -- How three intelligent cloud platforms extract value from sensors and RFID.

  • RFID is Alive . . . So where's it going Next? -- What I learned at RFID Live 2012, Part One . . . Or how I learned to make a great cup of coffee!

  • Who Will Provide the 'Location' In Location-Based Services? -- Google's VP of Search Product has shifted roles to take charge of their location services. This is just one more sign of the growing battle over services for locating people and things, with wireless carriers, handset and OS providers, Google, Skyhook, and others in the fray.

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