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Midyear Outlook of Technology: Where we are going in the next decade.
Our mid-year look at where the supply chain software market is going. This is a preview of a new area of inquiry on supply chain technology--SmallSmartFast.

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The People Factor: Accelerating Supply Chain transformation through education.
I once heard that the President of Stanley Tools addressed his company and stated "I have discovered that our customers no longer want our products--they don't want drills...they want holes". That is a fitting introduction to Sree Hameed's article on how to accelerate users’ ability to gain value from the tools--the software--through education. Users want better process and value. Technology firms are responsible to find a better way to infuse the knowledge and value into their customers.

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For all the money spent thus far of technology, we have to get ourselves ready for another wave of investments. And we are seeing early adopters already, well into the next wave of SmallSmartFast technologies.

Certainly the Wal-Mart and DoD factors did help. (Join us on a discussion of the RFID mandate on a webinar July 28th).

But beyond RFID, the business transformations we have all been going through, to virtual supply chains/ leaner businesses, have had significant impact of what and how we will buy technology. Read our feature.

Software firms need to not only think about how they architect and sell their technologies, but also have they enabled their customers to gain real value.

"We are now a decade into the technology-enabled supply chain journey, and the lessons learned thus far dictate that this attitude must and will change for several reasons”, says Sree Hameed, in an important feature article which expands the responsibilities of today’s supply chain software firms.

It’s the vacation season, so we’ll keep things short. But I want to leave you with a few important reminders:

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