DoD Policy of RFID- Now the 2 Biggest Supply Chains Embrace SSF
US Undersecretary of Defense Mike Wynn has created a policy for the implementation of RFID in this massive supply chain. We have included the actual policy document from the DoD. It does a clear job of explaining requirements for projects and technology.

In addition, Secretary of State Colin Powell, from Bangkok, demonstrated to the world a Savi product, talking about secure tags/RFID.

There is much to learn and do here—so start thinking about how you can leverage the inevitable investments you will make to provide value to your enterprise—not just compliance to your customer.

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RFID and SmallSmartFast Technologies for the Supply Chain- December 9th- Online and Live

With Wal-Mart, the US Department of Defense, the top European Retailers, and global security concerns driving new standards and new requirements for total supply chain visibility, businesses are again driven to invest in more technologies and streamlined processes to continue to compete and keep customers.

RFID is the banner, but the global supply chain will be powered by a portfolio of solutions that must fit together. And it all has to work by the mandated timetable—2005 for the Top 100 suppliers, and 2006 for the entire supply base.

RFID is not a new technology. But the new generation of tags has created a new economic justification that can make the use of this technology global and pervasive. RFID is a catalyst to move your company SmallSmart and Fast. What are the solutions needed to be part of this SmallSmartFast arsenal? Some are old faithful, but some are new, sounding the risk alarm. What are the benefits and risks inherent in an RFID project? What are some Case Study successes that can point the way for my business success?

Warehouse Management System Selection –
The key to success is accurate systems requirements definition- December 11th- Online and Live
Carla Reed, Director, Logistics and Distribution, ChainLink Research

There are few technologies that can have a greater impact on the distribution operations than warehouse management systems (WMS). However, it is critical to ensure that the operations requirements are clearly understood and that the systems requirements reflect their needs. Understanding the interaction between People, Process and Technology, and taking these into account when evaluating and implementing WMS will reduce the risk of failure and ensure a positive ROI.

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