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A Mid-Winter’s Nightmare: Economic Notes for the Winter Holiday Season
By Ann Grackin
Before you debit or credit yourself in the holiday season, think about the US's current account balance, national debt, and US citizens as the greatest debtor nation in the world.

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I’m Dreaming of a Debt Free Christmas

Each year, as children, we looked forward with extreme anticipation to the holiday season. My grandmother made the Chanukah sugar cookies that are still in the family today. The air was filled with song, and fragrance of pine and cooking. If we were lucky, the local pond would be frozen over and we could skate during our Christmas holiday. Yarlow’s, the location’s Five and Dime, had a trade-up policy on ice skates. For $1 and your old skates you could come in and pick up the next size up.

I think the anticipation we felt in those days has been replaced with agitation. The old songs, that the best things in life are free, have been replaced with the blast of advertising and brands, your must have’s, without which I have no personal identity. A crisis indeed!

I promise not to get too philosophic here. Each generation of custodians (parents and institutions) should be leaving a better world for the next. If you agree, then the best gift we can give to our children is a debt free family and nation.

This month’s Parallax View has some great articles to contemplate getting next Christmas’s demand right, in our 3Pe Process and Performance articles! — Or thinking about how outsourcing impacts your brand, as well as a holiday gift from us.

From everyone at ChainLink, we wish you much success and prosperity in the New Year.

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