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Letters to the Editor

In this issue we have three thought provoking letters, expressing good feedback about last month's "The Gathering Norm" article, as well as our "RFID Hardware" webinar.

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From: Dirk Liebich
Sent: April 06, 2006
To: 'Ann Grackin'
Subject: Great Webinar


Just wanted to let you know that I thought your RFID Hardware webinar
was very well done. I'm pretty sure the audience learned a lot, I certainly did.

Since you are somebody who likes to define the future I figured I share
something with you that I found on the web. It's an interesting perspective
on the things to come/ or not to come. I hope you will enjoy it.


Dirk Liebich | Digital Tempus, Inc. |

From: Jim Chesky,
Sent: March 15, 2006
To: Ann Grackin
Subject: The Gathering Norm - or - Ann, I love what you say

Once again I have to stop what I am doing to raise both hands in applause
to your comments. To U.S. Congress, to the President of the United States,
to policy makers and those that form the opinions of policies in the country
(the media), we have to ask: Are You Listening?

I fear that there are too few voices crying out in the wilderness, make straight the way. Ann Grackin, you are one of those voices, and I applaud, share and repeat what you say. Keep up the voice. Raise a ruckus, be annoying to those that would rather you go away and let them get on with today's profit. I happily join your chorus and sing loudly the song of Freedom: It's not how little I pay today, it is the cost of tomorrow that I must heed to.

Take care,

Jim Chesky | Sprint Solutions Consultant | []

From: Malcolm Colgate
Sent: March 15, 2006
To: ann grackin
Subject: rising storm

Hi Ann,

I just got finished reading your latest article on the rising storm and WOW!
As usual you don't disappoint and don't pull the punches.

I have to admit, it is disheartening to see (and work for) companies that look to and are seduced by the quick (and short term) gain from strategies such as off-shoring.  Longer term investments in a company's own best and brightest offer much more to the success of a company.  An employee that is valued, empowered, and has a personal stake in the long term success of the company is worth more than 10 of the cut-rate programmers or call center employees half way around the world that have no real personal stake in the success the company.

I don't mean to sound like an isolationist, I really do believe in world trade and open markets.  It isn't the fault of the outsourcing companies.   The problem is so much more complex than that.  I believe that for the most part it is the quick return, instant gratification, mentality that is helping drive us right over the edge.

It is not just the responsibility of the government, but also of industry and individuals to start thinking a bit more long term.  Because the long term that we have been ignoring for so long is finally about to arrive on our doorstep, "and it ain't gonna be pretty".

Well I have rambled on a bit too much.  As usual you get me thinking... that's one of the things I have really learned to admire about you over the years.

Take care,




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