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Agile Demand-Supply Alignment—Part Two: Evaluating ASDA Solutions

This is the second in our three-part research series on Agile Demand-Supply Alignment, which we define as "the capability to effectively realign supply and demand, during execution, in the face of demand volatility and supply disruptions." Here in Part Two, we look at how to evaluate ADSA solutions, what questions to ask solution providers, and how to shortlist providers.

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This report talks about how to evaluate 'ADSA solutions,' i.e., software and services that help companies achieve Agile Demand-Supply Alignment. It lays out the organizational functions, processes, and systems across the enterprise and between trading partners required for Agile Demand-Supply Alignment.

The report provides a comprehensive set of potential questions to ask solution providers when evaluating their technology, architecture, functionality, services, implementation, pricing, and ROI/TCO. It provides guidelines for discovering, shortlisting, and selecting an ADSA solution. Click here to download this Part Two report.

Table of Contents

  • What Problem(s) Are You Trying to Solve, Now and In the Future?1
  • Questions to Ask Solution Providers3
  • Data and Supply Chain Visibility—Getting the Complete Picture3
  • Detect, Contextualize, Prioritize—Finding the Needle(s) in the Haystack4
  • Scope of Issues Detected4
  • Prioritization Methodology and Capabilities5
  • User Experience5
  • Root Cause Analysis5
  • Predict and Prescribe—Receiving Early Warning, Quickly Finding Solutions6
  • Multi-Enterprise Network Architecture—Foundation for ADSA and More6
  • Visibility-only Control Tower vs. Supply Chain Application Network8
  • On-Platform vs. Off-Platform Data and Intelligence9
  • On-Platform vs. Off-Platform Optimization10
  • Functional Scope11
  • ADSA Solutions Vastly Varying Focus, Scope, and Internal Integration11
  • Sourcing and Supplier/Production Functionality11
  • Quality Functionality11
  • Logistics and Global Trade Functionality13
  • Demand Management Functionality14
  • Collaboration Capabilities16
  • Analytics16
  • Implementation, Services, Pricing, ROI, TCO17
  • Implementation—What Does it Take to Get Started?17
  • Value-Add Services18
  • Solution Pricing20
  • Financial Assessment and Comparison of SaaS Systems (ROI, TCO, et al)22
  • Evaluating Potential Solutions23
  • Discovering Potential Solutions23
  • Shortlisting Potential Solutions23
  • Industry Focus24
  • Other Factors24
  • Selecting a Solution25
  • Requesting a Demo25
  • Due Diligence, Increasing the Chances of Success25

Click Here to download Part Two
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